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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not that you asked my opinion, but...

Jon & Kate + 8: Anyone watch?? I am a faithful watcher and supporter of the couple and their brood. I thought the episode was depressing and I am very sad to think that Jon and Kate aren't their happy, bickering selves and that this might be the end of a TLC era and a special family's life as they know it. However, I have some issues with last night's season premiere. Kate and Jon spoke separately most of the time and each spoke vaguely of their "issues." The overwhelming undercurrent of their issues was the paparrazzi and media's constant following. "This isn't what we signed up for" was said several times.

Here is my BIG issue with ole Jonny and Katie-Kate: You have signed up for this, you are being paid $25,000-$50,000 per episode, you have written two books, took a book tour, big resorts and companies are paying you to use their products and visit their properties (anyone remember Disney World and the lavish Hawaiian vaca for the vow renewal or how about that Whirlpool episode where the entire show was devoted to their new machines and how fab they are or the episode devoted to Allstate and their website), your FREE tummy tuck you received, you have a GIGANTIC home and all new furnishings, etc., etc., etc. I understand that the life in the spotlight is harder than you anticipated all of those years ago when TLC first came calling and you just wanted to share with the world what your life is like with two sets of multiples and eight children in all, but as you continued filming, continued to sign your contracts, continued watching your shows turn in to DVD sets, t-shirts made with your pictures on them, and folks from across the country buying your books that you chose to write. From ALL of this, you therefore signed up to share your life with the world.
I get that it can be difficult as you try to balance your life as a parent, spouse, and television star, however, you knew this was part of the job as your paychecks continued to grow. Surely, as responsible parents and adults, you had multiple conversations as you weighed the positives and negatives to this new found celebrity and exactly what being the stars of a successful reality show would require. If you solely wanted to share your life and experiences with the world as a documentary, then perhaps you should have stepped away and gone back to your life as you know it.

One more minor Jon & Kate qualm while I'm at it...the "babies" are now 5, I think it is time to graduate to BIG chairs and get the heck out of the restaurant high chairs! I feel better now that I have gotten this out. Breathe...

Hope you all had fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekends and were able to celebrate in style. I'll leave you with a kick off to summer picture of the minis from this weekend by the pool! Aren't they cute? Check out their Ralph Lauren suits-you can't get any more all-American than that!
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Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. LOOK AT THE MINI's!!!!! LOVE IT!! Look at your gorgeous yard friend....Can't wait to get there:)

    OK, the JK8 thing.... never ever ever watched it....NOW I am trying to get all caught up {thanks for your little recap there cause I didn't know any of that} and hate that I missed it last night, I totally wanted to start watching.

    Anywho- I am confused, did he cheat or didn't he? Has he admitted it & I Missed it? {when I watched them on E, i think it was, they like danced around it saying "we have things we need to work on" but never said YES...fill a sista in")

    Have a great day!!!
    Much Love D

  2. YOUR KIDS ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE! Seriously! Okay, I had to get that out.

    J&K+8 is getting old. I have never watched the show, but I have followed the gossip religiously and now I am sick of everything. They ABSOLUTELY signed up for "this" and they really shouldn't be surprised...or in a position to complain. Le sigh.

  3. never got into J&K+8, but I hear where you are coming from. They signed up for this!

    Your kids are soooooo adorable!

  4. I couldn't have said it better! I am tired of their whining - you asked for this, put your grown up panties on and deal with it!

  5. I can't stand how cute the minis are!!! Mini #1 is getting SO big!!!!!

    I missed most of Jon & Kate + 8 (Cubs were on) but I saw the tail end with Kate crying. I don't even think they want to try and reconcile their marriage. I think it is just done in both of their heads. It makes me feel sad for them in a sense, but even sadder for the kids, especially the twins. I am sure the have an idea that something isn't right...

  6. "the" in the last sentence is suppose to be "they". I was tying too fast apparently! :)

  7. How cute are your little ones!

    And I totally agree on the Jon and Kate front. I really hope these two can pull through for their kids. I was so bummed after last night.

  8. I want to post about J&K so much but don't have the time to rant. Thanks for sharing your opinion. From last night I think Jon is the immature one and I kind of think Kate seemed more at peace with the kids w/o him...but was she trying to get to him in the juicy dress, fake tan, high heels at the barbecue? Interesting...they live in our state in a small small town.

  9. I could not have said it better myself. They are complaining about having a VERY comfortable living in the midst of an economic downturn. I understand that having 2 sets of multiples and the paparazzi follow you around creates stress, but they should focus on what they have to be thankful for: a huge house, food on the table, financial security, 8 HEALTHY children, etc etc etc.

  10. Hello
    I totally agree with you about the Jon and Kate plus 8 thing. Last season I started seeing a change in that family. Less friends and family around and now Kate comes out dressed to the nines everyday, she never used to, and they are being filmed riding their new custom choppers around? I don't know whatever happened to them but it is very sad. It is like they think they are celebrities now. Poor kids.
    On another note, look at your cute kids... How fun is this picture!

  11. Amen to that, sister! I blogged about the same topic recently. It's time for Jon & Kate to pull the plug and allow their children to grow up in peace.

    The minis are adorable, by the way!


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