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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Won't You Jump With Me?

The other day, my friend D over at Flip Flops & Pearls opened my eyes and my heart to an AMAZING project and non-profit organization, Spirit Jump! She had Meaghan, one of the founders of Spirit Jump as a "guest blogger." Meaghan and Stacy, the other founder have amazing stories, but I am truly in awe of the amazing hard work they have put forth to get this organization up and running.

Spirit Jump was started by two cancer fighters to directly match cancer patients with gift givers, or spirit jumpers! This is so fantastic and fun! Your gifts can be small and even just be cards. This can be a one-time jump you offer or you can continue for as long as you like. You can also give to a variety of patients or continue to jump the spirits of the same one.

Molly Lou Gifts has also signed up to work with and support Spirit Jump. We will give financially, but also provide our shop as a great place for jumpers to find great gifts for their friends. We will offer you a 15% discount for any purchase made using the code spirit15 and will wrap and ship your gift along with a personalized gift message from you to your recipient. We are also contributing to the Spirit Jump raffles with all proceeds going back to SJ.

Our first spirit jump is for a little 3 year old boy, Michael from New York. We started with this little guy because as you know Molly Lou Mini #1 is also 3 and as I try to teach my children grace, humility, and generosity I can't think of a better way. Molly Lou Mini #1 drew a picture for Michael and even picked out a few items to send him. (You can see his picture below: it's a gila monster and a tulip. "Flowers that are pretty make everyone feel better.")We were told that Michael loves to receive mail, so we sent a card and picture separate from our little surprises. We chose our Robot Magnetic set from the Molly Lou Gifts Children's Depot because it is a compact tin that holds all of the magnets and creation boards. Mini #1 has this sets and loves to create funny robots and make up little stories about his robotic creation. We also thought this was a good little surprise as it is easily transported and can be played with during doctor appointments, treatments, or in the car. We also chose Alligator Alphabet book. We love this book's bright colors and illustrations. Again, can be read anywhere! I also sent a set of notecards to Michael's mom-this way she can send notes to friends and family with updates or even save for herself and write some of Michael's positive jump notes to keep and remember this journey.

After you sign up to be a spirit jumper, you will receive a Welcome Email that highlights some of the procedures and you will also receive some possible patients and a brief history/story of their fight before you send them a jump!

It only takes a minute to write a card or note to a friend and just think how that special note may help JUMP someone's spirits when they need it most. Won't you jump with me?

Thank you Spirit Jump! Molly Lou Gifts and the Molly Lou family look forward to working with you! Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. You're so sweet! And Mini #1 is such a cutie. It's so good to teach them these things young so it will stay with them. I'm headed over to the website now to learn more.

  2. Awesome B! Awesome!! I love the the picture, how precious! He is so proud:) I love all the thought that you put into each item & the reason behind each. HOW AWESOME of you giving the discount to SJ buyers, love it!! I had some stuff to mail for them yesterday and didn't make it to the PO in time. I think I need to go right now!!

    I have enjoyed following along with M for gosh, probably a yr now. She has accomplished so much. Was so excited when she teamed up with S for SJ! I pray that God continues to bless them in ALL they do!

    Now, put on your FF & P's and have a great day;)

  3. What an awesome organization! When I get home tonight I'm definitely going to take a closer look at them!


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