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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pass the Amoxicillin, Please

The minis are on the homestretch of a 10 day round of antibiotic. Mini #2 had double ear infections and Mini #1 had a sinus infection.

My children LOVE Amoxicillin.

Almost 10 days later both kids still get giddy when they see the pink bottle come out and the syringe being picked up. Mini #2 cries when she is finished and tries to reach for it in the refrigerator. Mini #1 smiles and says "I sure do love my amoxicillin. Again, please."

So, here is my genius thought. Let us create an Amoxicillin that is like a seasoning on food.

Mini #1 eats nothing except butter pasta, waffles, grapes, fruit snacks, apples, crackers, chocolate, and a few other empty carbohydrates. I can sometimes bribe him for others or coax him, but I have to really have my "A game on" and it is getting exhausted.

Mini #2 on the other hand eats anything and everything she can get her hands on. If she sees it, she wants it. However, at her 15 month check up last week, she is in the bottom 20% for her weight and has to go back in 6 weeks to get it checked again. (She did learn to walk between her last check up and this one, so I'm sure that is the reason for the lack of weight gain.)

Let's back track to my BRILLIANT idea...Amoxicillin as a seasoning. I can just see how easy meal time will be now.

Me: "Tonight for dinner we are having chicken, brocolli, asparagus, and couscous."
Mini #1: "I don't like chicken, or brocolli, asparagus, or couscous. YUCK."
Me: "Sure you will. Just try them."
Mini #1: I would prefer to explode from eating 4576 crackers and drink my water. Could you add some juice to my drink?"
Me: "How about we drizzle Amoxicillin over your chicken, brocolli, asparagus, and couscous?"
Mini #1: YUM!! Can I have more please??? This is the best dinner ever, Mommy."

or how about

Mini #1: "Mommy, you are the best chef ever. I love this vegetable casserole and salmon you made me tonight. My pink medicine on top makes it all taste so yummy."

I know that some of you are thinking...there is already a higher level of rejection because antibiotics are over used. Antibiotics are in fact not seasoning and should not be used on a normal basis as one.

Ok, I get you, but let's say we could make the bubble gummy, hot pink goodness that is liquid Amoxicillin, but without the antibiotic...I am telling you GENIUS. This stuff would fly off the Publix shelves.

If it would work this well with food, just think of what I could get them to do if I bribed them with it.

"If you clean up all of your toys, Mommy will let you take a swig of the Amoxicillin."

Perhaps I have overdosed on antibiotic as clearly these are not normal thoughts from a normal person. I guess I never exactly proclaimed to be normal though.

I'm telling you though that if we all put our thinking caps on and brainstorm, this could be the next big thing.

Have a great day.


  1. You SO make me laugh! Lallie comes running whenever I say the word "medicine." She loves her antibiotic, guzzles down the Zyrtec (and then asks for more) and tries to shove her hand down into the vitamin jar in hopes of getting "more please." It's actually kind of a bad thing as I think, what if she still thinks about drugs tasting good when she's, say 16. Oh no.

    Oh well, until then, we can have a good laugh. Whatever it takes, eh?
    Hope they feel better soon!

  2. My kids love that stuff too....heck I love that stuff!

    I can almost smell it now.

  3. I'd buy it. And Logan has a fever AGAIN :( so I might have to try that trick tonight if he ends up getting meds at the pediatrician!

  4. Not only are you are absolutely brilliant! If I were you I'd patent this idea're gonna be rich my friend!


  5. You are so entertaining. I just love reading your posts!! The baby that I kept last year would say "more" when he had to take Children's Tylenol or Amoxi. xoox

  6. Too funny! I still like the taste of Amoxicillan!! Yum!

  7. Genius idea! I may try that with the new hubs ... "take the trash out honey and you can have some amoxicillan" ... this may work better with bourban though.

  8. I used to call it the pink stuff... personally I'd rather take it now than those gross pill that the adults get!

    I hope the mini's are feeling better.


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