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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ode To Fitty...

I'm sure you all are on the edge of your seats waiting for me to express in detail my undying love for Fitty Cent.

While I do just big puffy heart that rappin' Fitty, this is about another Fitty in my life. (You all never knew that I was gangsta' enough to have more than one Fitty in my life now did you?)

This Fitty in my life happens to be my little sister. Her name is Lindsey and while you might not see the immediate connection between the names, there is one. Mini #1 dubbed her Fitty when he was just a wee lad and for whatever reason, it has stuck. Now everyone refers to her as Fitty and sometimes we forget her actual name.

Why am I sending an ode out to my sweet Baby Linds? Well, she can be a tad difficult at times and what are the words that I am looking for??? Oh yes, slightly b$tchy.

Apparently I hurt her feelings way back in '09 when I got an award and was writing about things that made me happy. I guess I mentioned Mr. ML, the minis, and my momma in that list of happiness, but failed to mention that big ray of sunshine in my life, my baby sister.

I do really love my sister and she does bring much happiness to my life and leaving her off my list of happies was clearly a bold oversight on my part. My children adore her and it is so nice to see them interact and how my children can have so much fun with her. She is a great kindergarten teacher and will soon embark on getting her master's degree. She has always been a great friend and even if we are having our usual playful sister banter, I am thankful for her.

I could go on with all of the fabulous things about her, but I don't want to bore you or bring up your breakfast in an unpleasant way. I found an ode written by Gaurav Mittal and this just sums up EXACTLY what I would say about my sister (except for the whole finding me a wife bit).

Ode To My Sister

Dearest sweetest Sister,
Though these words of my
Shall surely fall shy
Of doing justice
To the love that I
Have for you,
But still,
I shall try.

Where should I start?
It’s a task but hard.
Begin, perhaps, I should
By saying that I could
Not possibly tell you
How beautiful you are
On the outside,
And on the inside
Till the greatest depths
Of fathomable existence.

I thank you for your kindness
For your care, and concern,
And those few brief moments
When you have been stern -
These precious commodities
For which I shall yearn
When I am not here,
Far away somewhere
Outside the field of
Your loving gaze
At a place
Where these ears
Shall not hear
Your comforting voice.

When I am in the dark -
As I often am -
With nothing in sight
I need you there
As my guiding light;
I need you there
To wipe the tears
From my face
And keep at bay
All my fears
With your grace.

I need you to
Find me a wife
Just like you
So that my life
May be like those few
Fortunate ones
That in bliss forever are.

In the end I just pray
That you always be there
For me
As you always have been.
EspeciallyAs I can't take care
Of me
By myself, on my own.
Without you
I shall feel alone
And empty.

Again, my dear sweet sister, I deeply apologize for my oversight. Please know that my life is so much happier because you are in it.

Have a great day!


  1. Oh, that's just GOTTA make up for that oversight! :)

  2. You are serious! You wrote an ode to her! What a good big sister!

  3. Now I got 50 Cent's "In Da Club" stuck in my head!! Ha ha ha!

    Awww...what a sweet tribute to your sissy! I heart my sissy, too...even though she's taller than me (she's younger by 2 years).

  4. Nothing better than a little sister! I have one myself, and I do not know what I would do without her!!

  5. What a wonderful way to show your sister some love!!

  6. That was so sweet! I am sure she enjoyed this post!!

  7. Honey...there's something brown on your nose! ha!

    I hate when I have those unfortunate oversights, btw...they become more frequent with age...sigh!

    You surely made up for any error...well, except for the slightly b$tchy part!

    Thank you for being a constant source of giggles for me...I just adore your wit and sense of humor! Forget about the Amoxicillin flavored food additive, if you could bottle your wit and sense of'd be a kazillionaire!

    Love and hugs,

  8. You are so hood!

    What a sweet ode to your sister :)


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