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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello, I'm a Youthologist...

Anyone see the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County???

Fabulous in that ULTRA ridiculous and nauseating way. This show just gets more and more in touch with "reality" each week. Sometimes I feel like I am looking in the mirror when I tune in. I am dressed the same way, my staff is running around doing things, and my children are never anywhere to be seen.

Just a few highlights from last hard and you get a tanning and Botox party at your office, 16 year old chatting about how awful her parents are and she will never get in trouble, , Gretchen throwing a Tupperware party with a drag queen (I mean don't we all do that?!?!?), cat fight over ugly dude at said Tupperware party, and the BEST part is that Lynne and her husband hired a YOUTHOLOGIST for their daughter.

That is exactly what she needs-it has nothing to do with the fact that you DON'T actually parent. Clearly, you shouldn't attempt to parent. You shouldn't set rules and boundaries for your kids and stick to them, etc.

Enter YOUTHOLOGIST (or if googled a TEEN LIFE COACH)!

A youthologist is the person that you PAY to parent for you. How awesome is that????

This is so my new business and I'm going to be filthy rich. This youthologist actually shows guidance and works with the youth to set the boundaries and get them on the right track in life.

When I move to Orange County to buy a McMansion and live this "reality" life, I promise that I won't forget about you.

{Enter Soapbox: talk is cheap. In order to be a parent, you actually have to parent and not just chat about what should be done.}

I know this was a random post...sorry about that. Have a great weekend.

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  1. That youthologist was a bunch of crap! My mouth hit the floor. I was yelling at the TV "Tell your spoiled rotten daughter to speak to you with some respect! Quit letting her walk all over you! Stop being her friend and be a real parent!" It was beyond ridiculous.

  2. Lynne and her husband - I don't get them. A youthologis, for crying out loud. I think they've been puffing on the magic dragon far too much.

    Thanks for the comment about Valentine's Day and willingness to serve as the "gift prompter." ;) I'll have to shoot you an e-mail with Hubby's contact info.

  3. That show is nuts. Can you be my youthologist? ( I know I am not a teen) Not for my kids but for me. I need a LIFE COACH!

  4. Aren't they all just nuts?! Makes me embarrassed to live in Orange County! I know first hand that these twits are for "real" and there are plenty of them here in Orange County. Phony, fake stupid biatches. There...I’m done!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love and hugs,

  5. I love this show and yes I saw this episode! Crazy!

  6. Get. OUT.

    I don't have the channel it's on, but they still fascinate me.


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