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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolutin' Like It's 1999, I mean 2010!

It is that time of year again. I am resolutin'

I know that I might be a tad late on doing this, but better late than never...

I am not a big fan of the word resolution, so you see how I tweaked it a bit and made it work. Let's call them 2o1o goals. I am also thinking of creating a 2010 Bucketlist of things that I want to accomplish. This year I have thought carefully and came up with a few that I need to do and now I have published this, I have all of you lovelies to hold me completely accountable.

Let's discuss your role in this. You are my friends and you are in charge of holding me accountable for this resolutin' that I am embarking on. Feel free to bring up in conversation, check up on my progress, b*tch at me if I have "fallen off the wagon" and cheer me on. Thanks in advance for your help.

Drumroll please...

1. I need to lose weight. Ideally, the Molly Lou's want to add to their broad (some think we are crazy, we feel that one more child will round out the chaos that is our life) and plan to get pregnant in the fall of 2010. I would like to lose weight and be healthy and in shape by that time. I am joining a gym tomorrow and need to EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE.

I am motivated and have some personal weight loss goals to get to. I have NEVER enjoyed exercising at.all. I mean, really despise it. I am not a fan of the whole sweating thing, so that might be a big reason why exercising and I aren't friends.

I can do this though.

2. I need to make and maintain scrapbooks, photo albums, and memory journals for my children. Poor Mini #2 still doesn't have one (yes, she is over a year old and yes, mini #1 had approximately 35 by this time in his life). I need to stay on top of this life archive for my children. I can use my new cricut to add the unique style and flair to their crazy pics.

3. Journal. I want to write a daily journal entry. There is so much that goes on in my life, these spontaneous heartwarming, funny, and memorable things that I need to document. Some days will be longer than others, but taking just a minute at the end of each day to journal can be therapeutic as well.

4. Spend more time enjoying and playing with my family. The laundry, dusting, cleaning, organizing, and computer can wait. My family is my center and I need to devote more time to Mr. and my children while pushing all of the other things and ideas that go swirling around my head out. (If you recall, I am extremely OCD and this is going to be very hard. I cannot leave chores, but am making a conscious effort to do this.)

5. Reconnect with friends and send more snail mail. I have said it a bazillion times that I heart snail mail and enjoy sending friends actual mail to let them know I am thinking about them or cheer them on in some life goal. I want to do this to more loved ones and more often. It was so sad to take down my Christmas cards and pictures and empty the holiday card sending more, friends and family can have the small excitement of Christmas cards all over again. (PS-if you too share this goal, I bet I know of a GREAT shop to visit for fantastic stationery. Hint, hint: 3 words rhyming with Dolly Moo Sifts.)

Ok, so that is enough for me to break at some point this year. Hope you all are doing great with your personal resolutin'.

Have a great day!!!


  1. I just love my stationery from Dolly Moo Sifts!
    Seriously, you're hilarious! What a fun way to start my day. We have many of the same goals. Perhaps we should set up a support group! ;)

  2. Ugh. The losing weight thing is also on my list. I want to get healthy too before we try to get prego.
    I love the idea of more snail mail!!

  3. I totally relate to a lot of these, too:)

    But if anyone can do them, you can, my Name Twin! Go,girl!

  4. You can do this! I know you will be successful & I can't wait to cheer when you announce a new addition is expected.

    Baby steps with exercise so you don't burn yourself out. Great job focusing on getting healthier!!!

  5. Great list and yes you can do it!
    I too would love to drop a few pounds but not for the same reasons. lol Can't wait to hear about another baby on the way.
    Happy New Year

  6. You're going to do great at all of your 2010 goals! I believe in you!


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