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Monday, January 25, 2010

Holy Bagman!

Holy Batman I have BAGS!

Yes, we all know that I have a slight handbag obsession, but those aren't the bags I am referring to here.

I HAVE BAGS UNDER MY EYES!! Big, dark circles that have clearly moved all of their belongings in and are planning hanging out for a while.

What is happening to me?!?! (Please don't really answer that.)

I mentioned this to my friend Whitney the other day via text and she just laughed, but it has progressively gotten worse since then.

This cannot be happening to me. Remember how I freaked out about the gray hair I found or how I wasn't cool anymore as I knew NO hip songs??

Well this is worse!

I can cover them up with eye make-up and concealer, but you see I don't wear much make-up. I wear a little and it looks very natural, but everytime I try to really "do" my make-up or add in the creamy foundation, I end up looking like a 6 year old that got in to her mom's make-up bag behind her back.


Treatments can include cold compress twice a day, applications of Preparation H cream or frozen green tea bags, injectable wrinkle fillers, or surgical eyelift.

My solution?

I am going to add the removal of these bags to my daily prayer list (and add a little extra emphasis), apply a little eye make-up in case I have to look someone in the face, but other than that I am going to walk around with my nose in the sky!

That's right~walk around with my nose in the sky! I finally see why snobby people walk around like they are smelling the sky? They don't want you to see that they too have bags under their eyes.

I will wear a sign that says I am not snobby just happy to smell the sky.

Poor Mini #2, she doesn't stand a chance. I have already tripped over her 371 times today.

And I apologize in advance that you will always have to look up my nose when we chat. I promise to keep it free of anything not so pretty.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Have a great day.

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  1. I'm with you there...I have dark circles that rear their ugly heads every now and then. Usually because I haven't gotten enough sleep, which has been the case for the last five years. I support your nose-in-the-sky plan. Whatever works best! :)

  2. You are hilarious! I'm sure you look great! xoox

  3. LOL! I've started to notice mine, too! My BF won't even let me talk about them around here, because she said she's so "depressed" about hers. Aging and womanhood! ugh.

  4. I've had dark circles since I was little bitty, and Logan has them too. My MIL is constantly saying he is pale and has dark circles, and I keep telling her that's just the sallow skin and dark circles compliments of moi.


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