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Friday, January 8, 2010

Preschool Prison

So Mini #1 got in the car yesterday and says "You don't need to look in my folder today, Mom."

SIRENS are blaring and the sweat starts to bead on his brow.

There is was glaring at me...a big, fat RED FACE on the calendar sheet...that is pretty much like a manslaughter charge in the real world.

You see, in the preschool world, they get green, yellow, or GASP-red faces depending on their behavior. Clearly, we always get green faces, but yesterday was the end of innocence.

Oh no, then in the folder pocket is a novel size note with all of the reasons that brought on the horrid RED FACE. It's amazing how much that boy could do wrong in 4 hours.

This is the end of my sweet boy's innocence.

He is now in preschool prison without his favorite train set, set of construction vehicles that are clearly needed to do all of the work that goes on in that room, and his beloved 6 ft. stuffed alligator that is of course named Sam.

I am now exhausted and ready to turn him over to the preschool authorities as I am not sure that I can continue to raise this preschool felon and am scared to death of all of the other horrible things he could do wrong in his teenage years.


  1. Poor guy. I love how he told you that you didn't have to look in the folder. No word on what he did? Talked too much, perhaps?

  2. Ahhh poor Mini#1. Hey we all have red face days!

  3. Oh no, the dreaded red face! Although, I did laugh at the "you don't have to look at my folder today." I love mini#1 and his smarts :)

  4. Oh no!!! If it makes you feel better, I think I had quite a few red face days myself, usually for talking when I wasn't suppose to!! :)

  5. OH NO! Mine got a "talked too much today" comment this week. HA! Maybe it's the post holiday excitement and he'll be back to green faces soon.

  6. you crack me up!! If I need a good laugh I just jump over here. I am sure Sam the alligator survive but will be happy once your boy has been released :)

  7. You know, I'm beginning to think that our boys really ARE in it together. Aidan tried telling me yesteday that his teacher only wrote "Needs to stop talking out of turn" in his folder just to get him in trouble.

    Uh, huh...sure.

  8. Oh no! I remember getting my name turned over for the first time - from my green name to my red name (the Catholic school equivalent) and being just mortified. I think my 5 year old self tried to justify it to my own mother, who'd been dealing with me for years.

    Luckily, that was as bad as it got. I've never seen real hard time...perhaps their's pre-school rehab for those that show promise?

    I think Mini #1 shows some serious promise, red face aside.

    I'll be his character witness;)

  9. Wait, wait. Preschool PRISON? That's intense.

    We had a snow day today. I miss preschool so bad.

  10. I bet he was framed. ;-) I'm sure of it. He's too cute to do anything wrong!! xoxo

  11. Sad day! I hope he was just having a bad day and it doesn't continue!!

  12. Maybe it was just divine intervention way back when when I chose my 4yo's preschool but they don't do any of the daily attitude ranking. 'Cause if they did, those conversations from the back seat would not be pretty. ha! And can you imagine if we, as adults, got the face ranking every day. Oh my. Scary.

  13. oh bless his heart, hopefully things will get better for him!! I am sure of it!


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