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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mama gets a PURPLE face!

Remember when I told you about Mini #1 and the unfortunate red face day from last week.

You know that worst face on the behavior chart in preschool, aka the horrible day filled with really bad behavior choices? Then, we entered preschool prison after discussing all of the RIGHT choices that should have been made and took a few of the Sams and some trains away. If you missed it, I talked about it here.

We recapped over the weekend and went over different scenarios and I tried to make it fun instead of constant nagging and I was also trying to embed the message of "YOU BETTER BEHAVE OR ELSE YOU WILL SEE MOMMY'S REALLY MEAN SIDE. JUST ASK SOME OF THOSE MIDDLE SCHOOLERS SHE USED TO TEACH. BE AFRAID...BE VERY AFRAID." We even practiced turning on our ears to cure the whole non listening issues.

I was going into this week thinking that last Thursday was just a bad dream and my sweet, sweet boy was back and ready to wow the masses.


I hate being wrong. While, we didn't get that horrid red face, we got a YELLOW face. This face was attached wtih a novella as to the reasons why.

I was mad and if I was to get a face for my behavior that day, I would have received a PURPLE face for being so darn mad and about to explode on the inside.

The main reason for the sad yellow face was "not listening. Playing and making noises during circle time after being asked not to."

I was mad, but more disappointed. Then, as I was about to explode on the inside while driving home, but trying to remain calm for the safety of my children, I was thinking about the behavior.

In their circle time, they talk about the letter of the week while still going over the sounds each letter makes. They sing the days of the week song, etc. Mini #1 is bored. He knows all of his letters and can tell you numerous words that start with each letter, he knows the days of the week, he can count, and can read.

You see, I clearly know how smart my child is, but I'm not trying to brag.

He gets bored when he is asked to sit there and be still while having to listen to things that he has known for a while.

Unfortunately, this is a life lesson that Mini #1 needs to go ahead and learn. He needs to know how to "play the game." For the rest of his life, he is going to have to sit in boring meetings, deal with annoying people, and unfortunately work with (and probably at some point work for) stupid people that he is smarter than. It may be boring, but he can sit in circle time for 10 minutes. No matter what school he goes to, he will be put in certain situations that he finds ridiculous and boring.

How do you teach a young child this life lesson?

Before I talked with Mini #1 after getting home, I also remembered something that the wise Jillian had commented on my post about Preschool Prison. She said "can you imagine if we all got judged on our behavior each day? Yikes!"

How right she is...we all have bad days and we all are entitled to them. I am certainly glad that I didn't have to show my mom the face I would have received for the internal rage I had and some of my other less than perfect actions or not so happy thoughts I have had.

Mini #1 and I chatted about the choices and "the facts of preschool life." He is such a dear, sweet, and amazing child. Quite the charmer too.

Fingers crossed that the BIG, BEAUTIFUL SPARKLY GREEN FACE is staring at me today and that GOOD choices were made.

Have a great day!


  1. Ooh I am hoping for sparkly face!! Good luck to Mini #1!

  2. It was probably "S" day and he just wanted to share about all the Sams in his life.

    Hoping for a big green smile today!

  3. I hope Mini will come home with a happy face today.

    Teaching children life lessons must be one of the toughest things to do!

  4. SO true...he is definitely smart and thus, bored.

    Yesterday, I related to him...I needed a red face. (Although, not because I'm smart and bored.)

    Here's to being green today, MLG #1!

  5. What a good point Jillian had! It's most likely that I would get a red face DAILY!!!
    I didn't even think about him being bored!!!! You are such a good mom for recognizing the real issue!!!


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