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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love Finds Giveaway

Happy Tuesday!

Our 2010 Valentine Love Finds page is up and running at Molly Lou Gifts. We have some fabulous cards/notes/postcards and gift tags and stickers for you to send to all those you love this year.

We also have some new printables Valentines in an adorable robot, owl, or squirrel pattern. These are perfect for you to hide around the house for your little Valentines or be extra cute and unique with your student's Valentines for his classmates this year.

We've also added three Valentine shirt and pail designs. The designs available have a Valentine theme and design, but are subtle (and cute) enough to be worn year round.

Now, for the fun. Let's have a GIVEAWAY! Let's show our love for all of you by giving away our new Valentine Cupcake Gift Set.

This set includes:
A set 8 Note Cards "Cupcake, Be my Valentine "
a set of Postcards, "Cupcake, Be my Valentine"
a set of 8 Valentine Gift tags
a set of 10 Cupcake Stickers inscribed with "Valentine"
The giveaway will run from now until next Monday, January 25, 2010. will help us with pick the winner which will be announced on Tuesday, January 26. This will give you time to write those notes and postcards and tie up those special treats before the big day.
{Edited to add: In celebration of our 300th post, we are ADDING an additional set of Valentine Cupcake Gift Sets to give away as well as a $15 gift certificate to Molly Lou Gifts. THREE WINNERS!!!}
To enter:
*Be a follower or become a follower of MLG. (We are only 7 away from our 300 goal and our 300th post combo)
*Leave a comment with your favorite way to celebrate Valentine's Day or a favorite surprise that you do for your loves this Valentine season.
*Blog and/or tweet about this. (1 entry for each, please comment back that you did either/both of these.)
*Invite a friend to join the craziness over here. When they enter and mention you, you get an extra entry.
Show the love and get entering. Have a great day!


  1. And finally: My hubby and I are taking a cooking lesson for Valentine's day! We love going to this small, intimate cooking school and my dad got us a gift certificate for Christmas. We'll learn cajun and creole cooking and we're very excited!

  2. Booze has always played a large role in my valentines days! Either in college with the Girls or with Mr. P and a good bottle of wine! We also make our own cards among my friends and loved ones. They rock!

  3. Valentine's day is the day we got engaged so we do an extra special dinner each year.

  4. I'm a follwer and will tweet this giveaway.

    Valentine's Day is fun because I like to make handmade Valentines for special people. My mom has Valentines that I made for her years ago.

  5. So cute!My favorite way to spend Valentine's Day is at home with my hubby. We like to cook a special meal and spend time together. We feel like we are always out and moving so fast, it is nice to have quiet time alone.

  6. Oh those are precious!

    I am a follower (because I love my Name Twin!)

    And I added this to my blog's giveaway sidebar.

    And my fav way to celebrate V-Day...with fondue and roses! Luckily, my husband knows this!

  7. My favorite way to celebrate is with girlfriends. Some pink champagne, roses, and of course girlie movies!

  8. Ohh so excited you have Valentine's stuff in your shop! Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday :) I'm already a follower!

  9. Something fun and romantic we always do is make heart shaped, pink pancakes in the morning of Valentine's day and we usually go out to dinner. This year we're staying in and making a nice dinner and dessert! I'm also looking forward to making some valentine's crafts and baked goods for friends!

  10. I'm a follower!

    My favorite way to celebrate? Baking for friends and loved ones!!! Cupcakes specifically - this giveaway was so made for me! =) Such an inexpensive and personal way to shower I care!

  11. These are so cute. I am already a follower as jelaws5

  12. This year I am having a surprise Valentine Day's dinner

  13. I just adore the Be Mine cards! I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day... I like to keep it pretty low key, although I did do some decorations on the buffet this year.

  14. Oh my gosh i LOVE THESE!!! So adorable! You know I'm a follower, and I will post about the giveaway on my sidebar. Not much excitement around my apartment for V-Day this year, although I did stick a Valentine in Matt's bag before he left on Sunday. It's pretty cute. :)

  15. I tweeted and blogged about it!


  16. I love to either spend Valentine's Day in St Augustine FL, or just have a quiet candlelight dinner at home.

  17. So cute! My fav way to spend VD is making heart shaped pancakes for my husband and sons for breakfast!

    This fellow South Carolinian is going to follow you... you can follow me too!

  18. Love this! I have toyed with the idea for a few years now, to do Valentines Day cards instead of Christmas. I think I will next year, since Valentines day cards have really stepped it up (over just Hallmark.) Count me in!!

  19. I am a follower!

    Lovely giveaway. My husband and I cook together for valentines, with our busy schedule we don't get to do it often so it's very romantic!

  20. And my favorite way to celebrate Valentine's is a nice quiet dinner out with my hubby.

    But I have a confession. We go out a few days BEFORE Valentine's because we like to beat the crowds. We are old like that. Oh, man, that's embarrassing to admit.

  21. I tweeted about this too. :)

  22. This year we are going spicy!!!
    The food that is, we are going out for a Mexican and then will come home and share a dessert, a bottle of bubbly and the sofa, snuggling.

    Thanks for the most fabulous prizes i have seen in a while.

    I am following


    Tweeted here


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