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Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Life Tidbits

You know the saying "Learn something new everyday."

I learn something new everyday, or at least try to, but I definitely REALIZE things every day.

Here are a few from my weekend!

*Haircuts are FABULOUS! They can be uplifting, exciting, and empowering.

*Trying to style your new 'do just as your stylist does it (especially when she tells you how EASY it will be) is not fabulous, uplifting, exciting, or empowering.

*An email from a special new friend is wonderful. Friendships really do change lives and just because you can't see someone every day doesn't mean they aren't a vital part of your life.

*Moving is not fun and sofas, beds, and dressers are always heavier than you remember them being. (We didn't move, but Molly Lou sister and her husband closed on their first house on Friday, so we helped them...CONGRATULATIONS to them!)

*I continue to use . . . WAY TOO MUCH, but I'm ok with that. Consider it my personal trademark.

*Grandparents are lovely. My children adore my mother who came to watch them as her contribution to the big move. It is so fun to watch them together and see that look of love in the mini's eyes.

*Hearing a song on the radio that you haven't heard for years can immediately transport you back to a time in your childhood or teen years.

*Chocolate chip cookies are little pieces of heaven and can cure anything!

What did you learn or realize this weekend! Happy Monday...have a great day!


  1. Umm, chocolate chip cookies. I'm going to go bake zucchini bread with chocolate chips! That's what I just learned.

  2. I also love haircuts, and recently got one. Refreshingggggg!!!

    I learned about baseball this weekend... it was a nice bonding experience with my boyfriend. It always surprises me when we have those, because I often feel like I know everything about him. He's one of those "no filter" people. :)

  3. I was thinking of making CC cookies for the weekend! Now you've sold me!

  4. Everytime I use...I think, "Oh, man, I use that too much."

    But...I...don'! :)

  5. You are right, I do learn something new every day. Even if it is how far my three year old can spit water. And I hate that my hair looks fabulous after leaving the salon, but I can never, ever replicate it. And ... is probably my favorite punctuation. Right along with !

  6. Back from Edisto... and love that my hair usually looks the same every day after my day at the hairdresser! Thank goodness for small miracles. They make my day...

  7. Just a little note to say I love you - and I wish I was eating chocolate chip cookies with you! Mwah! xoxo

    (Sorry to bombard you with comments, I've been away from my office for work the last two days!!) xoxo


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