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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday~South Africa

I have always been intrigued by South Africa and now that the world has its eyes on South Africa for the World Cup I want to go even more. What a diverse, beautiful, and unique place!

This week's Pink & Green Thursday hosted by the fabulous Pink Preppy Lilly Lover is all about South Africa.

They even have pink elephants (albino, but pink nonetheless.)And this is how we could travel in style while exploring the city. Although I might alter my outfit slightly and lose the teddy bear backpack, but that moped is fabulous.

Who is ready to plan that African adventure trip with me? Be sure to click over to Trish's blog to see what else is pink and green in the world and check out her always amazing photography picks. Happy Thursday!


  1. I agree! Africa as a whole is fascinating to me! Can't wait to meet you tomorrow! PS-I'm a lurker and this is my first comment! :D

  2. Love that little girl kicking the soccer ball while wearing a pink tu-tu!

  3. Now THOSE are creative pink and green pictures!

  4. Hi sweetie! How is your week going, getting any better?? Pink helmet? Check. Pink motorcycle? Check. Pink tutu while riding pink motorcycle? OK by me! :) This is such a fun Pink & Green Thursday post, I just love it! Those flowers are AMAZING! When we lived in New Orleans I had a huge trellis full of hot pink bougainvillea, it was gorgeous. Those flowers will forever remind me of that! Let me know if you're around to chat this weekend, either phone chat or google chat if you're busy. Love you! xoxo


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