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Monday, June 14, 2010


We always have "interesting" car conversations. The minis often argue, laugh, play games, screech, and sometimes we have some deep life conversations or Q&A from Mini #1. Sometimes all of the above can happen in a 15 min. car ride.

After a couple of days of making really sad choices and having the "talk" about expected behavior and how life is all about choices, Mini #1 (and I) were sick of the subject.

Both of us just wanted to throw our hands in the air and give up. Each of us running around, doing whatever the heck we wanted and living in a blissfull state of unsafe chaos.

Yesterday offered a NEW day and a new beginning. We were having a lovely day and while in the car on the way to Grammy's house, Mini #1 was watching a movie and his sister was asleep in the back seat.

Mini #1: Sghs loudly and very dramatically. (I wonder where he gets that from.)

Me: "What's up Buddy? Are you ok?"

Mini #1: "Yes, I am just tired and mad."

Me: "What's wrong?"

Mini #1: "I just don't like always having to think about my choices and try to make good ones all of the time. I get tired of it."

Me: "I know what you mean, but sad choices aren't good for anyone. We have rules and expectations in our family that are there to keep you safe and happy. Mommy and Daddy have to make good choices too. Sad choices can hurt people or yourself. Mommy and Daddy are your parents and our job is to teach you and make sure that you are happy, healthy and safe. We love you so much and want wants best for you. Don't you think it is more fun to make good choices? We are all happy, have good days, and a lof of times when you make good choices, you get compliments and sometimes even rewards."

Mini #1: "Yeah, but sometimes it is really hard."

Me: "I know sweet boy. You are such a smart and loving big boy. We are so proud of you and most of the time, you make great choices. One day when you are a Daddy, you will love your children so much and will always make sure that your children are making good choices and learning new things every day."

Mini #1: "I don't ever want to be a Daddy if I always have to think about my choices AND a baby's."

AMEN to that sweet boy! Another important life lesson: Life is hard and it is all about choices.


  1. What a cutie! We've had that same talk many times. However, it just usually ends with my boys somewhat glaring at me, because when we have the talk, it usually means they've been called out for some "sad choices."

  2. We are always talking about choices too. Constantly. I wonder how many times we say the word "choice" in one day. I love this story, though!

    P.S. I left something for you on my blog!

  3. So sweet! What a smart little boy!

  4. You are a sweet mom to call them "sad" choices. I call them "very, very BAD" choices!

  5. Oh, dude, choices are so hard! Honestly, there are days I don't want to have to make them either!


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