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Friday, June 4, 2010


I am not stuttering about new iphone apps, I am talking about something way cooler.

What is A.A.P.P.S.S.??

The All-American, Patriotic and Preppy Summer Swap!!

Wow...I know you're thrilled.

Summer is getting in to full swing and what is something that will get us in to the mood for it all and make us oh so happy...a swap!

I love giving gifts, finding that perfect little something and shopping for someone else doesn't count as spending money, right?

Just say yes.
You know that funk I have been in and that post yesterday? Thanks for your kind words, I really wasn't trying to have myself a pity party, I was really trying to just say that we all do things in life that might not be fun, but we do them and move on.

Well, A.A.P.P.S.S. is sure to turn any frown upside down! Hope you'll join the fun and tell your friends in Blogland too.

Summer offers so many options and that is the only theme for this swap, so get creative!
Here's the deal:

1-Sign up for the swap between today and next Friday, June 11. Just leave a comment with your email address, so we can find you. I will randomly pair partners and post the partners and contact information on Monday, June 14.

2-You chat it up with your partner and find likes/dislikes and summer favorites! Spend the next few weeks shopping for your partner, spending no more than $30 (excluding shipping).
3-All packages should be mailed by Friday, June 25.

4-When you receive your package, take some pictures and be sure to post about it so we all can ooh and ahh.

Let Summer OFFICIALLY begin!

Happy weekend!

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