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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picking Favorites

I don't have a favorite child. I really don't.

However, if we are all honest, there are fleeting and some lingering moments when one child or another may be first in line to the throne in your mind.

Case in point:

At Target yesterday, Mini #1 says

"Target is the best place in the whole world. I think I should have my birthday party here. All of my friends could come, we could play with the toys, run around and see the cool stuff, get an Icee, and maybe we could even sleep over here."

This conversation is happening while an adorable blonde headed little girl dressed in a smocked orange South Carolina Palmetto dress is flailing on the floor screaming because she cannot get a second pair of gold glitter "Dorothy" shoes. I quietly ignored her and listened to the boy as I searched for her mother.

Score 1 for Mini #1.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. That Mini # 1 is a smart child. However, I'm sure her day will come...I happen to love Target myself.

  2. This is brilliant. I should've had my most recent birthday at Target...

  3. Maybe she just wanted her dress to be a pretty garnet color ;-) I kid, I kid!

  4. Hilarious! And it's so true. xoxo


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