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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This and That...

How happy I am to be back. I have missed so much of blogging and all of you wonderful and talented women. So much to do...many of you will be happy you missed the mundane and daily ramblings of the crazy Molly Lou house.

Let's just do a quick recap over the past few months and beginning of the Molly Lou family's 2011:

*I got a few emails about this last night, so we shall start with the fact that I am pregnant. AHHHHHHHH...this was a huge surprise and one that I was so not ready for. We found out in December that we would be a family of five sometime in July, 2011. More on this later, but for now, just call me Myrtle.

*January 3, Mr. Molly Lou left his company that he had been with since interning in college, the one that moved us all over to start with a new construction company, specializing in nuclear power. Thinks this might mean that we all live under the same roof?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...he now lives in Charlotte, NC so is still two hours away. He has a teeny tiny apartment right uptown, so we use it more like a hotel room and visit him every other week. This was a great move for him, personally and professionally. He loves his new job and is surrounded by good people and ones that appreciate his work experience and what he has to offer.

*Mini #1 and Mini #2 are still adorable, insane, too smart, and keep me going constantly. It truly is never a dull moment around this house. I could write a whole book on Mini #2 "isms" over the past two months.

*Mini #2 is potty-trained and we are both still alive and like each other most days. Woohoo! However, she takes "don't get your panties in a wad" to a whole new level.

*Mini #1 is registered for kindergarten. How is it possible? He can't understand that it is still 5 months away before he actually gets to go. As smart as he is getting, perhaps he should skip right on to middle school. He amazes me and more often than we will admit, Mr. and I have gone back and Googled things he tells us and he has ALWAYS been right.

*I am still director of the preschool. The last few months of 2010 were awful with certain "governing bodies" of the church and things that made my life very difficult. I had never experienced so mucn unChristianlike like behavior in my life, especially ones in a church. It has gotten much better and a new Council, etc. has taken over. My enrollment has hit a new high in the 30 year history of the preschool so I must be doing something right.

*My great uncle, who was like my grandfather passed away suddenly in February. This was a huge shock and huge loss to me and some days I still struggle with the fact that I will not get to see his face, receive a hug, and that my children will really not get to experience all that he did with me and for me throughout my life.

However, we took a road trip, 9 people in a 12 passenger van to Illinois for his funeral. Picture it: Me, Mr., Mini #1, Mini #2, my mom, dad, sister, and her husband all together for 15 hours driving each way in the car that doesn't include potty breaks, restaurants, hotels, etc. We did this entire trip over the course of 5 days. That has REALITY SHOW written all over it and I could still kick myself that I have no video documentation. Every shudder and thought you are having is probably all true and then some.

Your turn...fill me in! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Boy you have had an eventful few months.
    All the best as your family grows (in many different ways with the baby and the new business).

  2. congrats on your family expansion!! so so exciting for you all! and i'm engaged so that's my big update :)

  3. I miss you, my pregnant Name Twin!

    And I'm so sorry for your uncle!

    But I'm so excited you're gonna have a little one right after me:)

    And, funny thing, did you know what my husband does in the Navy? Nuclear power. Wouldn't it be a hoot if, in six-eight years, P got out and got a civilian job working with nuclear power...with your hubby???? AHHHH!!!! Talk about Name Twin coincidence!

  4. So glad you're back! I was thinking about you the other day! I am THRILLED to hear about your pregnancy!! And your Husband's new job...and the kiddos, so much excitement. I'm sorry about your uncle's passing, is this the same one that you did a couple posts on over the last couple years? Glad to see you alive and well! ;-)

  5. OMG! I am so excited for you, B! Congrats! And I am sorry to hear about your uncle. :( I am thinking of you!!


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