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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mom Jeans Next?

Ever have moments in your life where you take that imaginary step back and wonder "how did I get here?" "Is this really my life?"

I have been having those a lot lately for a whole basket of reasons. Obviously with two minis and another on the way, there are several changes in our horizon as we prepare to be a family of five.

I love my life, but there are parts of me and certain moments in a day that I wish I could turn back the clock.

I remember being that girl still in college, carefree and cool, no money, but no bills, and able to jump at a moment's notice.

Or that girl that was engaged and planning a knock out wedding that would be talked about for years. Mr. Molly Lou and I had that wedding...there was nothing extravagent, but it was the BEST time and one that all of our friends and family gathered for and had the party of the next few years.

Or the girl that was pregnant with mini #1 reading all of the pregnancy books, planning how I would mother this young boy, and then falling in love more than I ever imagined possible and turning my world completely upside down.

Fast forwarding to present day, that girl is the mother of two, exhausted almost as much she is crazy, saying things that she swore she would never repeat after cringing hearing her mother say those dreaded sayings and ramblings for years, and now pregnant with a third child and doing the thing she SWORE she would never ever do. NEVER.

For months we have been talking about it. For months we have been debating. For months we have been avoiding. For months we have been looking at other options.

The inevitable happened yesterday.

That girl became the owner of a minivan. A MINIVAN!

The Molly Lous are now rocking a Toyota Sienna minivan.

Mr. and my two best friends have promised to stage an intervention if I start to wear mom jeans and put a scrunchie in my hair in public.

Last night as we were driving away in the minivan, I had a life changing moment. I can grow to love this and this amazing life Mr. and I have worked hard to create.

I will drive a minivan daily for years to come. Chauffering my minis to school, sports, practice, dining, vacations, etc. I will grow to love the space, the ease of loading/unloading, and the ability to cart as many clowns, I mean minis as I can cram in to the back of the "rocketship." (Mini #1 loves it and refers to it as his rocketship.)

I am ok with it and will embrace this new chapter in our life and I look forward to all of the future holds.

Anyone want a ride?

Have a great day!

**There is nothing wrong with a minivan and I see plenty of cool moms driving around in one and have many friends including many of you who rock one on a daily basis. I'll take pointers and tips from you. Also, these rocketships have come a long way since my parents large green minivan that I learned to drive in, took my driver's test in, and carted around my sister and her friends in and getting groceries for my mom in exchange for having a car to drive and almost free gas.


  1. I know what you mean. I'm still stubbornly refusing to own a minivan. I'm convinced that I can do the mom thing and all the errands without one. We'll see how long I last.

  2. Hey the Sienna looks pretty cool! Great post. Rock that Minivan!!

  3. My daughter thought she could do the minivan. She lasted a year and sold it. It mortified her. She just couldn't make herself drive one. But I'm sure you'll love yours cause you're not a flighty flibertijibbette like my offspring.

  4. Oh honey - this post is hysterical, but poignant at the same time. I so love your blog and am so glad you are BACK! Minivan = temporary transportation. You'll be driving something very cool again before you know it, all the while wishing for the minivan days. :-) Enjoy. XOXO

  5. Oh lordy. You've hit rock bottom. haha. I swear I will never drive one, but I got one on loan from my Range Rover dealer last week while mine was in repair and....just between you and me....I loved it. Like a living room on wheels.

  6. Minivans rock! However, I'm thinking my next car may be more SUVish...

    And welcome back! I took about a month long break. Guess we just needed it!


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