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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is Here...

Well in two days it will be.

There is no doubting it, it is hot here and feels more like a summer day.

Here is what we have been doing just about ALL day.

(The boy is much to fast and could care less about his picture being taken...he has places to go. The girl picked out her own outfit and insisted on wearing it, even on a trip on the bicycle. I guess she believes "a girl must always look her best." She did at one point go inside to get her purse as well and attach it to her handle bars.)

Have a great, great weekend! Happy Spring!


  1. These adorable pictures of such happy little kids brightened my day. Thank you!

  2. Oh wow. They are too cute. You have a fashionista on your hands. Watch out!

  3. A lady must have her handbag. Certainly. Love the enthusiasm and devotion of their pedaling.

  4. I love that she dresses up for "riding". And that dress is too cute. I want it for my May granddaughter ;-). xoxo

  5. We are still waiting for things to really warm up here, but even with temperatures mostly in the 40s, my kids must be outside, riding bikes as well. Although there are no fancy clothes here.


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