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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Born to Aggravate?

There has been a lot of arguing going on with the minis in our house. I truly didn't think that at this age there would be so much of this. People always told me three years was the "perfect" age difference...oxymoron??? My sister and I fought all of the time, but I don't remember it being until we were older and she was just a general pain in the bum. Surprisingly, we don't argue much anymore and the latter is still the same. This is a scene that happened yesterday in our crazy house yesterday. Mini 1: "Stop doing that. You're a baby. Baby, baby, baby, baby!" (Insert evil big brother laugh) Mini 2: "I am not a baby. You are a baby. Mooooooooooooooooooomy, he called me a baby. I am not a baby." (cue the dramatic crying, foot stomping, etc.) Mini 1: "Baby, baby, baby. I am big and you are not. You can't do anything that I can do. Leave me alone. Stop looking at me and go away." Mini 2: "Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomy, Mini #1 is calling me a baby and says I need to go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." (She gets way more dramatic and her southern drawl stretches things much more when she is tired, mad, other words a lot.) Mini 1: "Stop it, Mini #2. Seriously, no one cares that you are crying. See you are a baby. Now, leave me alone and go somewhere else." Mom: Ignoring the screeching and dramatic tears. I am in my happy place. Children? I don't think I have any children. More screaming ensues and I am pretty sure that I hear bodily harm happening. Snap back to reality. Mom: "What is going on in here. Stop arguing. Seriously, what are you even arguing about? You were playing so nicely together a few minutes ago. And stop the teasing, Mini #1. I hope you didn't just hit your sister. We have talked about this and you know it isn't nice to tease and you are to never hit your sister. You, missy also know exactly what you are doing to aggravate your brother and we don't hit our brother either. Do we need a time out?" Mini 1: "Seriously Mom, she was born to aggravate me just like you say Dad was born to aggravate you. I can't take it." Score 1 for Mini #1. Ahhhhhhhh, life is grand!!! Happy Thursday.


  1. Oh my stars.....yes, who said "terrible twos" that is not the case until the threes! As for your play by play, sounds pretty typical of kiddos until Mini #1 said that about what Dad said. Children always listening, oh me oh my....other than that, hope all is well!

  2. That is hilarious! Love these stories from your household. XOXO


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