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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

Here are a few snapshots from the photography session last weekend that I was so worried about. Out of 2364 pictures, we did get a few ones and I am pleased to say that I was able to get three pictures for our Christmas cards. Some of the shots were quite funny.
On a side note, we spent 7 hours in the Children's Emergency Room with Mini #2 last night. She is hopefully fine now, but this virus (we think) for almost two weeks that got worse caused her to need a lot of fluids. Tests have been run and so far everything has come back normal. We were so incredibly proud of her...she was such a big girl. Everyone was so kind to us and truly so helpful. Please just send up a small prayer that we are on the mend. We are thankful that this is the extent of the illness of our children and know how truly blessed we are.
Happy Saturday...have a great weekend!


  1. The pictures turned out well. The minis are getting so big.

    Poor little mini #2. I hope the fluids will help get her quickly on the mend.


  2. Absolutely presh.
    Sad for Mini #2.....I'm thinking about y'all and hope she gets better soon!

  3. Great photos! What will the Christmas card be?

    And hope little Mini #2 gets better soon... hoping she would be by now. :(

  4. Too cute! I love that first pic!!

  5. Those are fabulous photos! I hope that Mini #2 has finally turned the corner and is on the mend.

  6. They turned out awesome! Yay!

  7. 1. Love the pics!

    2. Glad Mini is OK!


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