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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sick day...

I had this great post ready to type today. One that would humor you and make you wish for more, but I am too tired to charm the pants off of you all today.

Mini #2 is sick with the wretched stomach bug that seems to be running rampant around preschools, churches, schools, grocery stores, parks, restaurants...pretty much any place where they could be copious amounts of children and germs.

Or perhaps she is getting back at me for making her stay clean, not fight, and attempt to smile for all pictures during our family picture session on Saturday. (Which I think were fantastic. I have seen 11 as a sneak peek and am very excited.)

I guess we all need sick days every once in a while. I hate that she is sick, but the extra cuddle time in between bouts of sickness is worth it. Mini #1 is loving the extra television time he is getting too.

The long to-do list and school list I had to for today will have to wait along with the housework I had planned to do this afternoon. The mountain of laundry can wait too, except for those "christened" Mini #2 sickness ones.

Perhaps the chilly day and extra coffee I will get to drink today will make up for it and perhaps during one of her napping spots like now I can watch some daytime television. There really is a silver lining to just about everything, isn't there.

Happy Monday! Hope you all are well and enjoying this beautiful fall day.


  1. Oh no! Hope your baby feels better soon!

  2. Hope she feels better soon, but yes, relish those extra cuddles you get! :-)

  3. We all need sick days sometimes. Although sick days are much better when there isn't actual sickness involved. Hope that your little one feels better soon.

  4. STAY WELL! And enjoy the snuggles.


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