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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Picture Day

So the Molly Lou family, Molly Lou sister and her hubby, and Molly Lou Mom and Dad are going for a photo session this morning...think Vogue wardrobe department, hair and makeup teams, fans blowing my hair, and the perfect little children with their "acting coaches" ready to snap those perfect photos.

Right. And we snap back to reality.

We are using a really awesome photographer and going to a field, old train tracks, and a few other hot spots. The only bad part is that it is supposed to be a balmy 35 degrees when the flashes start going. I am excited about it, but have a few small items that I am praying for.

*I am praying Mr. doesn't smile like Chandler did in photographs on Friends. We have been practicing.

(For a man that has to be the center of attention pretty much all of the time, can make friends with a wall, and is always the "social chair" on any project he goes to manages to be camera shy at the worst times. We announced our engagement on The Today Show and he forgot his name when they asked him. Serious, 5 second pause before he could answer.)

*I am praying the Minis manage to smile, not fight, shed no tears, don't have a constant stream of nasal drainage, and manage to keep their clothes clean.

*I am praying that I can look as thin as possible...who knows how well this photographer can work her magic in the touch ups. I am also praying that my hair stays straight and as good as I can get it. That is a good thing about the CHILLY temperatures...there won't be 100% humidity.

*I am praying that my entire family can look as normal and blissfully happy as possible. What I truly mean is that the photographs can capture just how normal and blissfully happy we truly are as a family unit.

I just need a few good Christmas shots and we can call it a day. :)

Kidding...mostly. Fingers crossed.

Happy Saturday.


  1. As you said... at least there will be no humidity. Hair will look great! And I am sure the photos will be beautiful....
    I have to "catch" husband, daughter and son when they don't expect it in order to get natural smiles.... Don't let me fool you though, they are on to me!!! ;)
    Good luck, and enjoy the day.

  2. The Molly Lou Fam will be gorgeous no matter what and you know it! Don't forget to send Aunt Molly Lou in CA some pics:)

  3. Oh how we all pray for the PERFECT family shot. Look forward to you recap of the day!

  4. Oh, my husband is the worst with the Chandler smile. He has such a nice smile, clear up until he sees a camera. I hope the pictures go well. Family pictures are always so stressful to me, which is why our Christmas cards have been candid pictures of my boys only for the last several years.


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