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Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Berry Pickin'

Feel summer and get in touch with your five senses...nothing screams summer like fresh berries.

Yesterday, we ventured to a local farm that specializes in blackberries and blueberries. We picked both and enjoyed roaming through the farm. The minis were quite good at picking the berries and were having a great time until the heat finally won and they were ready for some cool air and cold drinks.

Happy Independence Day. Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.


  1. Where was this farm??? I want to go berry picking so bad!!! I live in Lexington, it anywhere close???

  2. Oh yum! I want to take the munchkins berry picking. I'm sure there is a strawberry farm somewhere close by to us.

    Happy 4th lovely!

  3. We tried to go berry picking a couple of weeks ago, but nothing was ready. I was so sad about it, because I was craving berries! (I also really wanted to make that blueberry tart you had posted a while back.) I'm hoping that we find a place with ripe berries soon.


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