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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shout it from the rooftops!!!

Feel like shouting from the rooftops, mountains, or car sunroof that you are expecting a little bundle of joy! A hot new trend recently is pregnancy announcements and you know MollyLou Gifts has the cutest ones around. We have OH BABY, OH GIRL, and OH BOY! announcements. You can customize these to your liking and even give a shout out to the soon to be big brother/sister! You can even let all of those friends and family members know your cravings and you just might receive a package of pickles and chocolate chip cookies in the mail...hint, hint!

I only wish we had these when the the two Molly Lou Minis were en route. Perhaps for Molly Lou Mini #3?!?!?!? (Not yet.) Check out our Invitation and Announcement Station here for our pregnancy announcements and great assortment of party, showers, weddings, etc. invitations. Cheers!

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