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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Excited Like It's Christmas!

My very good and oh so talented friend, Erin over at Erin Bradley Designs has designed the new look for my website, blog, and created a MLG logo. I am beyond excited!!! She is not only a good friend and listener, she has amazing talent and creativity that I yearn for and have just accepted the fact that I will never have. Erin designs all of the invitations, announcements, and social stationery found on our site abd has recently expanded her efforts to include graphic design. She has a shop with ADORABLE premade templates for website, blogs, etsy shops, and more. Check it out here. Many of her designs also coordinate with some of our stationery and invitation designs. She has so many designs that it will be so hard to choose. Perhaps you can have several that way you can change up looks as you change moods...well not every mood change!

After you create this great new website and blog design, you can order some coordinating announcements to send to all your family, friends, readers, and fans to tell them where it's at (hint, hint.)

Other news, I just posted some new shirt designs that are really cute including an eco chic one. I mean it's never too early to GO GREEN (and be stylish) as well. I am loving the elephant design cute are those eyelashes on the little girl elephant!??! I wonder how many is too many personalized shirts for the Molly Lou Minis to wear. The a-line dresses are absolutely adorable and will get plenty of use now that the warm temps are on the rise.

Don't forget about our contest. I posted a link to the right to get all the details of the contest! Stay tuned for the new blog and site looks. Check out Erin's stuff...thanks again!!! Cheers!


  1. Erin is oh so talented! Love the look of your website! You have great products! I'm sure my readers would love them! Adorable :)

  2. Cant wait to see the designs that she made for you :)


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