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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Aliens May Take Her

Clearly Molly Lou Mini #1 is having some true aggression at the fact that Molly Lou Mini #2 is not leaving and is now starting to move around and (GASP!!) touch something that used to belong to him, perhaps belongs to him, is within 25 feet of something that belongs to him, something he feels should belong to him, or something that ACTUALLY belongs to him.

Here is the newest line from this morning:
Molly Lou Mini #1 to me: "Mom, I found something for Molly Lou Mini #2."

Me to MLM1: "What did you find for her?"

MLM1 to Me: "A spaceship so she can fly far, far away from me."

Me to MLM1: (trying to hold back the giggles) "Wouldn't you be sad if MLM2 left us?"

MLM1 to Me: "Nope. Not one bit."

You have to love the imagination and honesty of a 3 1/2 year old. Have a great day! Don't forget about the new MLG contest. Pass along to a friend too for more entries for you! Cheers!

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