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Monday, August 2, 2010

Shine on Me Tooth Fairy!

I know the Tooth Fairy is only supposed to come around when you lose a tooth and need some quick cash, but I need that little fairy PRONTO!
I need her to pop on over and sprinkle some Tooth Magic Dust upon me and make all of my dental issues disappear.
Surely as a fairy she has something that will work. The Fairy Godmother had "Bippity, Boppity, Boo...", the Magic Fairies have always gone with "Abracadabra," and Mini #1's magic still seems to work with "Alecazandra, Alecazandra, Poof."

Sorry for my absence lately. "When it rains, it pours..." So much is going on that my head is spinning and then when it stops for a brief moment, I realize that I have those two precious minis that are depending on my for all the mothering and developmental needs.

The pouring rain issue of the moment is my tooth.

I am in serious pain. I went to a dentist on Friday after exruciating pain on Thursday night. I have good oral hygiene, but apparently this stems from a filling from childhood. The super duper news is that I get the choice of a root canal or extraction. YIPPEE!!!

It is my last tooth and I chose to have it extracted. I'll officially be toothless. I have much anxiety about it. I HATE, HATE, HATE all things dental related.

Pray for me during this time and send the Tooth Fairy my way with some of that magic dust. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. You poor thing. That is miserable!

  2. I have lots of tooth problems too and I hear ya, sister. I'll be thinking about you and willing the Tooth Fairy to head your way.

  3. I was going to email you this morning to see where you have gone. I'm glad to see you back, but so so sorry about your tooth!

    If I spot her, I'll bottle her up & send her your way!!

  4. Ugh, nothing is worse than tooth pain! Unfortunately, I've scared off the tooth fairy with all the anti-Santa talk. But I'll still send good thoughts your direction. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I have been AWOL for about a week as well... hope the tooth fairy left you something sweet!

  6. So sorry :(
    Hope it is all over before you know it!

  7. Honey, are you OK? If you need help, please let me know. I'm only two hours away!

  8. Kids love their tooth fairy so much! For them, they are their modern day heroes. But for my two kids, their hero is from Raleigh. Sedation dentist is actually the one who made their fears of dentists gone. Also in Raleigh, sedation dentistry is one of the trusted by mothers like me and is enjoyed by the kids as well.


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