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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday~Hot Holiday Giveaway

Happy Pink & Green Thursday everyone. I am back and back for good. A few weeks ago, I posted a lovely Pink and Green Thursday Christmas in July edition and promised a giveaway the next day.

However, I have been a terrible blogger and totally dropped the ball in more ways than one.

I just love the holidays and can't wait for all the holidays have to offer. So better late than never for the Christmas in July Holiday Giveaway.

Happy Christmas in August!

This giveaway is for two (2) $30 gift certificates to Molly Lou Gifts. We are working on adding new products. Do some early holiday shopping, shop for friends, shop for yourself. This is a total treat!

This giveaway will end on August 17, 2010 and the winners will be announced on the 18th.
There are many ways to enter. Each below is a different way to enter. You may enter as many times as you like, but please use separate comments.
1. You MUST follow our blog. Join in the fun now if you haven't already.
2. Tell us your favorite Holiday tradition.
3. Post this giveaway on your blog and link it back here.
4. Follow us on Twitter (
5. Make a purchase from Molly Lou Gifts and receive 20 entries. (Remember, we can giftwrap and ship to your recipient for free with a personalized note from you for free)

Happy Pink & Green Thursday. Remember, this fun was started by Trish at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. Send her some love now!


  1. I'm of course a follower!

    saralang at gmail dot com

  2. And I follow you on Twitter!


  3. My favorite holiday tradition is baking dozens and dozens of cookies with my mother, enough to make a cookie plate for every teacher, clergy member, mailperson, etc that we interact with throughout the year.

  4. My favorite tradition is having sausage balls Christmas Morning! It always comes back to food:)

  5. I will post this under my giveaways:)

    Have a great day sweetie-xo

  6. My favorite Christmas tradition is we have Christmas night dinner with 3 other families in our neighborhood and it rotates houses. It always is fun and keeps getting bigger as people are getting married & having babies! We frolick, play games, eat fabulous food & of course drink yummy EGG NOG!

  7. My favorite holiday tradition is to go to the neighbors of my parents for a caroling party. We bring food and have a great time. Sometimes we have gone around the neighborhood singing but last year it was really very cold and icy so we stayed indoors and sang.

  8. Please count me in - and, of course, I follow you! I want to do a giveaway, so I may be calling on you shortly!! xoxo

  9. I follow your blog :)

  10. I live out of state from my mom and sis/family.Every year we go home to celebrate Christmas with them
    thanks for the giveaway

  11. Of COURSE I'm a follower! And my favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree and looking at the lights with the lights out :)

  12. I'm a follower:) And my fav holiday tradition? Christmas eve cookies while watching Miracle on 34th Street!

    I'm also a Twitter follower, too:)

    Hope you're doing well!

  13. I just had to become a follower again since deleting my blog, but I am one for sure! My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve - there's something so fun about going to Church, dinner and an annual party and then coming home with all the anticipation of Christmas hangs in the air. It's the most magical night of the year, I think.

  14. I can't believe we're talking about Christmas already! But, my favorite tradition is that we always go to my godparents' house for a party, followed by the late candlelight service at church. It's fairly simple, but it means so much to me each year!

  15. 1. You know I'm a follower. :)

    2. My favorite tradition now has to be the "Christmas Tree Decorating, Cookie Making, Cookie Eating Extravaganza" with the kiddos.

    Seriously, coudn't think of a better way to usher in the Christmas season with them.

    I do need to place an order - I want some of the little notecards for the munchkin. May not get to do it until later next week (pay day - sigh).


  16. 1. I'm a follower.

    2. I think my favorite tradition would have to be doing fireworks every year with my niece and nephew. The looks on their faces is the most enjoyable thing (especially since we don't have kids yet).


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