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Monday, September 27, 2010

Princess Wand

It is the eve of Mini #2's second birthday. With this looming milestone has brought us a PRINCESS. She is all things princess and now loves the dress up and has heightened her love for shoes and jewelry.

Princess Mini #2 never ceases to amaze me and the events at the grocery store this evening solidify my evidence that she really doesn't like me.

(It is my time of the month...UGH. Totally puts me feeling lovely all of the time. Too much information I know, but important to the story.)

We were cruising along the grocery store this evening trying to pick up a few things, Mini #1 is reading a book and totally in another world. Mini #2 is dancing and bobbing along and then decides to reach over and pull out a tampon from my purse. I quickly take it and hand her a toy to play with. A few minutes later, I am looking at cake mix to purchase to make the little darling's cupcakes for school today.

She says "Mommy look. A princess wand."

She has the tampon again, not so discreetly WAVING it around. This is also not a deserted aisle either so there were witnessing to my daughter's "Princess wand."

53 shades of red darker, I grab the wand, tell her that is not a toy, and to please read the book I am handing her.

In true Princess fashion, she flails, cries, and screams "I want my Princess wand, Mommy!"

See, I told you...she hates me.

Happy Monday.


  1. Oh heavens! Is it just me, or do I find it terribly ironic that several feminine products are named similarly? Diva Cups, for instance.

    She's not a toddler! She's an advertising genius!

    Happy Birthday to you sweet princess!

  2. J used to take mine out of the bathroom cabinet and would build things with them!

  3. this is the greatest story every. HILARIOUS!!!


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