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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Send A Note

Hi all! In the age of technology, we have become so dependent on the internet and email. While that is a great and efficient form of communication, there are occasions that require a personal touch and there is simply no substitute for a personalized handwritten note. Birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, retirements, graduations and births are all happy times made even more special by a message from someone who cares enough to write a note as a way to show their feelings. Gatherings that are important enough to be planned and attended warrant a few words from both host and guests. Thank-you notes are often neglected, but few things express gratitude as well as a short note of appreciation for something. Wedding thank-you notes are more than just a show of gratitude - they are the first communication you send out as a married couple. There are sad times in life when a consoling word written to a friend or family member is needed to show love, support, and prayers for the future.

We have an etiquette and tips page on our site with helpful suggestions when writing notes or sending invitations for all occassions.

I have mentioned before, but our NEW stationery line is out for 2009. We have some GREAT items and sets that I just love. Our Notable Note, shown at left(Item EGR33A) continues to be a Molly Lou Gifts bestseller. You choose the paper color and raised ink color. These notes can be used for any occassion and would make the perfect gift.

Another favorite is the sophisticated and stylish California Embossed Monogram note at top (Item EGR6.)These are available in chocolate brown, navy, citrus green, and NEW red. These are so classic and stunning.

Endless possibilities...try our Bordered note (EGR35A) at right or the Bordered Card(EGR35B) for a dynamic note and expression of your style. Your choice ofsingle line personalization, paper color, border color, and raised ink color.

We have so many stationery choices and are happy to help you pick out the perfect set for yourself or a gift. Visit our website and take a look around at all of our
We hope to see you soon!

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